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Use the power of data in your favor. With Tellus, you have the key indicators needed to make smart and sound decisions based on accurate and relevant information.
Whether on your computer screen, tablet, smart phone or with the right training course, Tellus is ready to help you turn information into results.

Improve your strategy with Tellus. Count on experienced consultants who have the expertise to ensure you perform accurate analyses, data governance and data warehousing in a safe and efficient manner. With Tellus you will be well advised to turn your data into intelligent results. Interested? Click on the button below and request a contact!


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Comprehensive consulting services that your project deserves

1. Development of Tailor-made Dashboards.
Interactive, customizable, logo branded dashboards with great performance across all devices.

2. Definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Set goals and receive alerts on the status of KPIs that are important to your business, and monitor your team’s work development as they strive toward obtaining the best results.

3. Data Governance.
Manage processes, policies, people and technologies to efficiently and securely structure your companies’ virtual assets.

A high-quality implementation process is essential to ensure the success of your BI project. With Tellus, you have the maximum in efficiency, dedication and understanding of what your business really needs. Speed up your initial startups, eliminate the chance of deployment errors, and ensure the accuracy of your Business Intelligence project. With Tellus, receive your indicators in a faster, easier and safer manner.

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Successful implementations are with tellus!

1. Data extraction and formatting.
Ensure the quality of your data analysis. Count on Tellus during the implementation process to make your Business Intelligence project more accurate, with efficiently extracted and formatted information.

2. Platform Installation and Configuration
Your first steps on the platform are accompanied by qualified professionals. Reduce the chance of mistakes and speed up your learning with Tellus initial setups.

3. Database connection.
Integrate your BI platform with your databases and stream this information to your dashboards in real time. Make it easy to setup your databases and get a successful dashboard deployment.

Successful Business Intelligence projects are surrounded by skilled professionals, who are tuned in and well trained. Empower your team with Tellus hands-on and in-company training course. Transform your employees into data analysis experts.

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Educate your team with the most complete training seminars

1. Tableau Desktop Professional Training Course

  • Basic Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

2. Tableau Server Professional Training Course

  • Basic Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

3. Tailor-made Training Course
Does your company have a specific need? Tellus builds courses to fulfill your needs.

Do you look for an online environment to access your dashboards or make them securely available to customers or third parties? Then Tellus Cloud Dashboards are for you. With this solution, you can connect your data, create dashboards, define and configure KPIs, and make up-to-date information available on any device online!

  • 24/7 access
  • Real time information updates
  • Business Specialists for Interactive Dashboard Design

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Mobile Access is a feature that makes your analysis faster and more practical. With your smartphone or tablet, you can check your customer’s dashboard or make the latest adjustments in just a few clicks. This functionality provides much more convenience and speed to your KPI management.

  • Analyze and make information available from anywhere
  • This feature is a differentiating driver for your business
  • Online and realtime access to results and KPIs

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Have you considered providing your web access portal with the visual identity of your company or your customer? With Tellus you can. Add value to the data provided to the end customer, strengthen your brand with unique dashboards, mobile optimized dashboards available 24/7.

  • View dashboards and databases
  • Real time indicators and results
  • The easiest, fastest and safest way to access information

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