Tableau Prep is a tool that lets you combine, shape, and clean data to effortlessly produce impactful projections and analyses.

Preparing data for analysis is often a labor-intensive, time consuming, and extremely tedious task. Just as Tableau Desktop simplifies analysis reports, Tableau Prep simplifies data preparation, allowing everyone in your organization to prepare data faster and more intuitively.

Tableau Prep Builder and Prep Conductor

Tableau Prep consists of two products: Tableau Prep Builder for creating data streams and Tableau Prep Conductor for sharing and managing them across the organization.

The ideal resources for your business

Tableau Prep Builder:

A Complete Vision of Your Data

In three coordinated views, you can drill down to row-level data, view the profiles of each column, and visualize your entire data preparation process. Select the view you want to interact with depending on the task you need to perform.


To edit a value, simply select and edit it directly. Change the connection type and immediately view the result. With each action, you keep track of data modification instantly, even when there are millions of rows of data. With Tableau Prep Builder, you have the freedom to reorder the steps and experiment without consequences.


Use smart resources to solve common data preparation challenges. Tableau Prep Builder employs fuzzy (soft) clustering to transform repetitive tasks, such as grouping, into one-click operations.

Tableau Prep Conductor:


With Tableau Prep Conductor, you can easily publish and run flows in your server environment. Share your data sources securely using Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Create an environment where everyone in your organization can work with prepared and up-to-date data.


Schedule your streams to run as needed, day or night. Automate your data preparation processes so that data is always up to date, prepared and ready for analysis.

Monitor flows on your server

Monitor flows with the same tools already available on Tableau Server. Use the Status page, administrative views, and execution histories to assess the integrity of server-wide flows and resolve issues quickly. Always know if your streams are working correctly with proactive alerts.

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